Ilaria Salis is back in Italy: it's her 40th birthday party in Monza on Monday. “It’s the end of a nightmare, but now let her rest”

Ilaria Salis returned to Italy today, Saturday June 15, after serving 16 months of preventive detention in Budapest for attacking far-right activists in February 2023. The new Avs MEP arrived at his parents' home in Monza. , after making the long journey from the Hungarian capital by car. With her, her father Roberto, who left yesterday by car to Hungary to pick her up as soon as he received the news that judge Jozsef Sos had granted her immunity, freeing her and suspending the trial against her, with the consequence of the removal of the electronic bracelet which had been the case since May 23, the date on which he left prison to be placed under house arrest. Ilaria Salis will now be able to celebrate her 40th birthday, which she will celebrate on Monday, in her hometown. “Now the nightmare is over,” said his father Roberto as soon as he got out of the car, exhausted from more than 2,000 kilometers traveled in 24 hours but happy. The new MEP, however, made no statement: “very tired and exhausted”, she immediately returned home, after smiling in astonishment when she saw the crowded journalists waiting for her. Together, father and daughter stopped one last time to take a photo in front of the Monza road sign and can now think about the birthday party. Indeed, during evenings in the plural. “We have to do two to make up for last year,” joked Mr. Salis, before ideally concluding his “public mandate” of recent months: “Now I am resigning from my position as spokesperson for Ilaria and I’m leaving the stage completely.” The two brothers and their closest friends were waiting for them in Monza, in the apartment not far from the park and Villa Reale, the same ones who followed all the hearings in Budapest and who always helped his family solve all the bureaucracies and problems logistics he had to face during 16 months spent between Italy and Hungary. Ilaria “experienced a very intense period of imprisonment and suffered torture. Now he needs to rest, it will take time. We brought her back here with all the efforts we made,” her father Roberto said again before closing the door of the house behind him.

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