Holiday in Montana for Real coach. Love of horses

And who would have thought, one might think, that the record-breaking coach from Reggiolo, in Emilia-Romagna, of the five Champions League trophies, accustomed to the international spotlight and big urban scenarios like Madridwhere he coaches the Blancos, immortalized while traveling through the “western” prairies of Montana, in the United States, then in a saloon in full American frontier style. This is Carlo Ancelotti, who once again impresses his fans, and publishes on Facebook an excerpt from his American vacation with the words “When in Montana…”

Ancelotti: a profile with 9.5 million followers
Riding a horse, he wears a cowboy hat, with the wife Mariann Barrena McClay (Canadian lawyer). His immoderate passion for horses is no secret, so much so – it is said – that he owns several, which officially participate in various tournaments. With that black coat for example, the concentrated look with that typical expression of one of the eyebrows.

    Carlo Ancelotti Getty

Carlo Ancelotti

    Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid gettyimages

Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid

But for all this there is still time. Now Carlo Ancelotti is here Darby, 783 inhabitants, far from the spotlights that will soon return to illuminate him: like those that illuminate his other photos, you only have to browse his Facebook profile, with 9.5 million followers, and find the trophies, the footballers, the football stars, in short his whole world, in which we are used to finding him immersed, always (or almost) victorious.

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