The spirit of freedom that the forehand and backhand strokes along the line and the volleys close to the net manage to convey is felt among the participants of the regional stage of the national wheelchair tennis tournament, organized in Campobasso by the amateur association “Urbain Sport”. and now in its sixth edition. Athletes like Pasquale Evangelista from Molise, who combines his passion for racket with the practice of Paralympic bowls. And like Fabio Spadoni from Rieti, member of a club in Foligno who chose tennis after an experience in the world of basketball. And he won the competition organized on the fast indoor courts of Campobasso. In the individual sport par excellence, these athletes have found precious resources, first psychological, to face physical obstacles, overcome resignation, go out and get back into the game. Essential energies to develop an Olympic discipline which currently involves four athletes in the Molise region.

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