From Timberlake to Mick Jagger, photos of the famous

Singer Justin Timberlake was arrested in New York for driving under the influence and formally charged, the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office announced. Timberlake was located in Sag Harbor, a famous and exclusive village in the Hamptons, a popular summer destination for Long Island celebrities. He was released without bail.

The pop star, who was traveling in his car, ran a stop sign and failed to stay on the right side of the road, according to the indictment. He told police he had a martini. According to the report, his eyes were “glassy” and there was a “strong odor of alcohol” inside the vehicle. The singer allegedly refused to take a breathalyzer test.

His court appearance in Sag Harbor is scheduled for July 26, while his mugshot has already been released, joining that of many well-known faces, including politicians and Hollywood stars, singers and activists such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. The “mugshot” is a “ritual” that began in 1840 and was standardized in 1888, and from which even Bill Gates did not escape, who in 1977 was arrested, like Timberlake, for a traffic violation .

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