from the Nile to the Taj Mahal, via Uluru

At the first light of dawn, a spell ignites the darkness. It is called the Miracle of the Sun. For three millennia, on October 22, the rays of light at dawn pass through the door of. Abu Simbel Temple, illuminating the statue of Pharaoh Ramses II. A spectacle that only takes place twice a year (the other date is February 22), the result of precise astronomical calculations by ancient Egyptian architects.

This is one of the exceptional moments that characterize the route from Luxor to Abu Simbel departure on October 14, one of the 35 essential trips in the collection “Signature. Once in a lifetime” Of Turisandahistoric tourist brand active since 1924, a time when travel was above all synonymous with adventure.

We have chosen five of them, the most emblematic, those which represent the “chest dream” of many travelers because of their deep connection with archaic cultures and dreamlike nature.

An ideal world tour that begins very far back in time, among the splendors of ancient Egypt and reaches the infinite Australian desert, passing through the landscapes and architecture of the Middle East.

Among the splendors of ancient Egypt

In the heart of the land of the pharaohs, going up the Nile we arrive at the necropolis of Thebesit touches Karnak with its temples and disembarks Aswan, where it is possible to travel a section on the back of a camel with a view of the monastery of San Simeone. At Cairolast step, we discover the Egyptian Museum with an exclusive night tour and indoor dining. An immersion in the past, among millennia-old finds and sphinxes with enigmatic gaze.

Among the monuments of Petra. Getty Images

The Incense Route in Jordan

We continue in the wake of the old caravans, traveling through the very ancient royal road which marks the stages of the journey since Amman At Wadi Rum, marked by six UNESCO World Heritage sites.

An itinerary in Jordan of eight days, from November, 1st, traces the route of expeditions which transported incense in exchange for spices.

Crossed over the centuries by merchants, armies and crusaders, it leads to the splendors of the legendary Petra and in the extraterrestrial beauty of Wadi Rum, the “Valley of the Moon”, to contemplate in silence after the tea ceremony with the Bedouins, among the fiery hues of the sand. You sleep under the stars in a tent camp in the mountains.

Tea in the desert

The past and the future are also linked in the journey from Abu Dhabi to Muscat. We leave November 15 to discover the capital of the United Arab Emirates, among the skyscrapers that compete to rise higher and higher and the colossal Sheikh Zayed Mosque, capable of accommodating up to 40,000 worshipers.

Then begins an itinerary of the “Arabian Nights” which leads into the infinite spaces of the desert. Seen from here, the world takes on a completely different perspective. You sleep outdoors in a characteristic ecological tent camp in the middle of apricot-colored dunes, under a parade of stars.

The enchantment continues in the Sultanate ofOmanamong the date plantations as far as the eye can see and stop in the natural pools of Wadi Bani Khalid, before visiting the coastal town of Sur where we can share a traditional lunch, guests of a local family.

Jodhpur in India. iStock

India: Yoga overlooking the Taj Mahal

Among the dream destinations, you cannot miss theIndia. Delhi marks the starting point of a two-week adventure, beginning on November 16 and with two exceptional companions: Davide Anzimanni and Rebecca Paviola, both photographers and content creators.

You let yourself be invaded by the colors and scents throughout a route that leads to Dunes of Khimsar, between natural wonders and royal architecture. Like the Sardar Samand Palace, where you can spend a night reliving the glories of the Maharaja.

The next step is Jodhpurwith its blue houses and the meeting with the Bishnoi, the first ecological community in history, while in Jaipur you live the unforgettable experience of dining in the splendid rooms of Amber Fort.

The last stop is Taj Mahal, for an immersion in Indian culture culminating in a yoga session.

The Northern Territory, Australia, home to the iconic Uluru

In the Australian Outback

In search of unforgettable experiences, we go even further, in Australia.

Adelaide marks the starting point of a 15-day journey to the ends of the world (from October 1)which touches Melbourne and Sydney, where you can visit the iconic Opera House exclusively after closing.

But above all nature, the wildest and most unpredictable, is the protagonist of this route. The unlimited spaces of the hinterland open their doors to travelers heading towards Kangaroo Islandwhere you can see the sea lions dozing in the sun and the small wallabies that inhabit this paradise.

A domestic flight brings you to the sight of the iconic landscapes of Uluru (formerly known as Ayers Rock), in the heart of the continent. You dine under the stars of the red desert, while the night comes alive with the “Wintjiri Wiru”, a new sound and light show under the starry sky.

But the strongest emotion remains that of seeing the sunrise in front of the enormous monolith of Uluru which stands out in the Australian outback.

Moments of immensity, to come into contact with ancestral Aboriginal culture transmitted orally for generations. Because stories only stay alive as long as they are told. And traveling is the best way to discover them.

Turisanda's 100th birthday

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Turisanda created the “Signature. Once in a lifetime”, 35 itineraries inspired by the itineraries of the great geographical and naturalist explorations of the past, to go where travel was born, on the paths traced by the pioneers of the past.

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