Marathon runner Emanuele Zenucchi appeared directly before the trial judge to answer the charge of possession for the purpose of trafficking, after being found in possession of 16 grams of heroin and 3 and a half grams of cocaine. The judge decided to impose on him the obligation to report daily to the police. The trial will end on July 12. Zenucchi's story reveals a tragic parable, that of a man who experienced the pinnacle of sporting success only to fall into the abyss of legal problems resulting from drugs. Once an acclaimed athlete, with 41 marathon victories and numerous other titles, he must now defend himself against the charges in court. While denying drug dealing, he admits to having personally used drugs for about a year and a half, in moments of despondency.

“When I stopped competing, I got out of phase”

“I happened to give it to a friend. I use it occasionally when I'm depressed. When I stopped competing, I got out of phase,” he said, reported by Corriere della Sera. As for the scale found in his car, he claims that it was intended for personal use for drugs, not for trafficking, and that it was in the parking lot not to sell it, but because of a need unexpected to buy a battery for the car. : “I stayed on foot with the car, I managed to reach the parking lot and I went to buy the battery in Orio (Oriocenter, not far from editor’s note). I have the receipt,” he told the judge. The former athlete now continues to run and coach others, but his life is marked by legal disputes and economic difficulties. He lives with his mother and admits to having few financial means at his disposal, revealing that he even sold one of his gold medals.

Cover photo: Facebook – Emanuele Zenucchi profile

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