File: the secret line of the Perugia investigation, the 8 journalists indicted and the “confidential information market”

The national anti-mafia prosecutor Giovanni Melillo who speaks of a market for confidential information and affirms that Pasquale Striano was not alone. This is a “secret” part of the investigation into Perugia. In which secret service men could be involved. While waiting for the hearing of Raffaele Cantone at Copasir, the investigation into the file started with the unauthorized access to the computer systems of the lieutenant of the Guardia di Finanza could take a leap in quality. While Federico Cafiero De Raho, former number one of the DNA and now deputy of the 5 Star Movement, finds himself in the political controversy. Indeed, Melillo told the hearing yesterday that it was he who had modified the database system to increase controls, whereas before it had been “a sieve.” This is how the attacks against his predecessor from Italia Viva began.

Al Copasir Township

Today we are talking about a “secret” thread of the Perugia investigation. Daily fact. The newspaper believes that Cantone al Copasir could be talking about precisely this. From the use that was made of the information that Striano continued to transmit. In some cases he sent them to journalists, and in fact there are eight journalists being investigated in this matter (three work for the newspaper Tomorrow). But according to the investigation, there are also searches which do not concern magistrates or newspapers or journalists. And which had as its subject significant characters. Some were carried out by querying the Sidda-Sidna system, the national database in which the documents of all the public prosecutor's offices in Italy converge. In total, 15 people are included in the suspect register. Giovanni Russo, now head of the Department of Penitentiary Administration and former deputy prosecutor of the DNA, was heard as a witness.

Journalists under investigation

In total, eight journalists are under investigation. Besides Giovanni Tizian, Stefano Vergine and Nello Trocchia, one of them seems to have been present on the Order's lists since 2007. The others are not registered. Il Giornale publishes their initials: GS, DC, SV, RN. They are accused of complicity in the crime with Striano as journalists seeking information. It is not clear which newspapers they collaborated with and, according to the online prosecution, there is no trace of their activity. According to Cantone's reconstruction, sometimes it was the journalists who requested information from the lieutenant, other times it was the financier who made the access on his behalf and passed on the information. Tomorrow he defended himself by emphasizing that the Perugia investigation does not speak of files against politicians and that the documents that the journalists received were orders, notices of closure of the investigation and not SOS.

Confidential information market

In Melillo's words yesterday, the Anti-Mafia described a gigantic “market of confidential information” that affects the economy and the state apparatus. Striano's accesses and files concerned data from the Revenue Agency and the Financial Police. Many were done with computers and identifying information from his original body. And therefore not from the prosecution, where he has worked since 2016. The man from Fiamme Gialle instead received the information concerning Gravina thanks to documents received from unidentified people in a bar near the prosecution.

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