Euro 2024, Stefano Bizzotto speechless in the Spain-France commentary. And there is a precedent – The video

Stefano Bizzotto has at least 90 minutes ahead of him, plus injury time and in the event of a draw, extra time and penalties, with a very high intensity: the Rai journalist is the designated commentator for Spain-France, the first semi-final of the 2024 European Championships in Germany. But when greeting the crowd, and in the introductory narration of the match, the journalist lets himself be betrayed by his voice. In fact, as soon as he speaks, Bizzotto visibly has difficulty speaking. Then the voice dissolves a little after the national anthems and the start of the match, but the difficulties remain. On social media, some joke by comparing him to Darth Vader, but the majority of users sympathize with the journalist. Already in 2022, while commentating on another World Cup semi-final in Qatar between Argentina and Croatia, Bizzotto had voice problems, although he managed to complete the commentary of the match.

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