The Meloni government is beginning to examine the possibility of introducing excise duties on electric cars so as not to lose the funds that the State manages to recover from gasoline and diesel, but which will gradually decrease with the electrification of vehicles. This was announced by the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti who declared during the Car Dealers Day in Verona: “The Mef has already started working on this point. Updating European legislation on the taxation of energy products must be considered. Consider the effect electrification will have on shifting fuel excise taxes to new forms of energy. » An unacceptable option for the deputy of the Alliance of Greens and Lefts, Angelo Bonelli, and for the organizational manager of Green Europe, Francesco Alemanni, according to whom it is “yet another attack against environmental and the ecological transition”. In a note, they denounce: “What is a government doing today that has promised to eliminate excise duties on fuels? It imposes new taxes on electric cars, hindering the path to sustainable, low-emission mobility. Combined with the delay of incentives, which have eliminated sales of electric cars, this decision seems to indicate an intention to kill electric mobility, on the same day that Stellantis announces the agreement with Leapmotor to also market low-cost electric cars. cost of China. They have no vision, their only objective is to wage war on the ecological transition. »

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