The twenty years that Pietro Sparacino talks about in the show with which he has been touring clubs all over Italy since January, it is his. Twenty years, the first of his career, as he explained to Open, full of defeats, even if it would perhaps be better to say, full of humanity, of life, common for him and for all those who flock to his shows. Sparacino, born in 1982 in Rosolini, province of Syracuse, the general public knows him for his two years as a hyena, fans of stand-up comedy from a long time ago. Since then, with the Satiriasi group, he has refined the discipline in our country, actively contributing to the training of a generation of actors who today fill theaters with thousands of seats throughout the country. But if this makes Sparacino one of the fathers of get up The Italian style, on the other hand, analyzing its way of being on stage, can at the same time be considered the most credible heir of the previous golden age of the stick. The one that goes back to the monologues of Paolo Rossi, Roberto Benigni, Daniele Luttazzi and Beppe Grillo, the latter considered, as he claims in the interview, as a “traitor” of the scene after his political adventure. Because few are capable like him in this new season, which we see being born and growing so quickly, of connecting the dots and inserting a very high satire into the stories distorted by the jokes that he offers live and on YouTube, the most important megaphone of stand-up comedy, gathering hundreds of thousands of views. “But – he explains – neither I, nor Benigni, nor Grillo invented anything, the criticism of power that comes from the actor is age-old. Jesters, acrobats, from there was born what we do today, the figure of the actor who mocks power, who tries to attack it with the weapons at his disposal, therefore laughter.” A need which, continues- it, born from his own vision of the actor and the citizen, “Because I live in this world”. Still life therefore, common. This is why Pietro Sparacino is so followed, because the main intention is to exorcise, with a joke, the fears of those who listen to him, as well as his own.

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