Ciro Grillo trial, video of alleged rape shown again in courtroom. The psychiatrist: “He did not consent.” Defense demonstrations

New hearing in Tempio Pausania, in the Sassari region, in the closed-door trial in which Ciro Grillo and three of his friends from Genoa are accused of gang sexual assault on a young girl who, in 2019, at the time of the events controversial, was 19 years old. On the night of July 16 to 17, after an evening at a disco and a lot of alcohol, the young woman was allegedly raped in the Porto Cervo villa belonging to the Grillo family. In addition to the son of the founder of the 5 Star Movement, Francesco Corsiglia, Vittorio Lauria and Edoardo Capitta were also present that evening, accused alongside Grillo jr, who filmed with their smartphones the relationship he had with the young woman that night. The images had already been projected once in the courtroom last January, when the student was heard in a protected hearing – the first time last November – and had to face an avalanche of questions from the lawyers for the defendants. This morning, after the report of the party advisor, psychiatrist Marina Loi, the defense of the accused requested that the video be broadcast again. The doctor based his thoughts on the footage captured that evening: the girl was “passive”, not participating in the relationship, she told the court today. And the defense protested, asking for the film to be replayed, which was shown in three segments with a total duration of 28 seconds in front of the judges, prosecutor Gregorio Capasso and lawyers for the defense and civil parties. However, the four accused were not present in the courtroom. They will decide in the coming hours, or more likely tomorrow, whether or not they will participate in the hearing by making spontaneous statements.

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