Car ecobonus 2024, more funds for hybrids and more

The platform has been active since June 3 access the 2024 auto Ecobonus. The measure, promoted by the Ministry of Commerce and Made in Italy, is one of the most anticipated measures for everyone who wants it. replace your vehicle with a more modern and durable vehicle take advantage of state benefits.

The system made it possible to finance millions of dollars in a very short time, a sign that in Italy the desire for sustainable mobility is there. This is confirmed by ACEA, the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers, according to which Italy, despite being at the back of the pack in electricity sales in Europe, is experiencing a constant increase of 4%. State incentives are a good opportunity to make things happen orient yourself.

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Of the government's initial investment of 950 million, all funds for electric vehicles were exhausted within hours, and those for used vehicles were exhausted within days. They stay more resources for all other subsidized categoriesfrom hybrid cars to two-wheelers. But more funds will arrive, reports UNRAE, the Association of Automobile Manufacturers, according to which the call we would miss them 178 million provided for in the 2024 finance law, and which will be unlocked with a specific decree from the Prime Minister which, at this stage, should not be long in arriving.

How does the Ecobonus work?

The automobile Ecobonus is a contribution to replace polluted cars present throughout the national territory. It does not apply to public and heavy transport companies, which have different rules and objectives. All individuals can apply for the 2024 car Ecobonus, so private citizens, and legal entities, associations, organizations or small and medium-sized businesses.

Economic value of the contribution varies depending on the type of power supply of vehicles to purchase, divided into three tranches:

  • 20-20 g/km: electric cars and plugins (hybrids with externally charged battery).
  • 21-60 g/km: the majority of hybrid cars.
  • 61-135 g/km: both hybrid cars and cars running on LPG or methane, but also gasoline and diesel.

In addition to the emission bands, the buyer's ISEE and whether or not he has a vehicle to scrap (from Euro2 to Euro4) also play a decisive role.

Not just for new, incentives also for second-hand and LPG

The Car Ecobonus 2024 also includes incentives for used vehicles. One is planned for this category discount of 2,000 euros for a car worth up to 25,000 euroswhich does not exceed 160 g/km of emissions, provided that a Euro4 or lower vehicle is scrapped.

Another step to take into consideration is the converting a petrol car to LPG or methane. This could be a solution for those who do not want to face the investment of a new car but want to return the one they own. less impact in terms of emissions and saves on fuel costs.

The maintenance cost of a converted engine is low and the saving on refueling is guaranteed by the price: around 0.7 euros/liter for LPG and 1.4 euros/liter for methane. The contribution is 400 euros for the first and 800 euros for the second, but only if the vehicle to be converted is Euro4 class or lower. The choice of one or the other depends, in practice, on the distribution network present in the territory. The number of gas stations in Italy sees the advantage of LPG over methane, while hydrogen stations are expected by 2026.

How to apply for the 2024 car Ecobonus

An important thing to know is that Requirement of incentives it must go through authorized resellers and not by private negotiation. That is to say, it will be the sellers who will be responsible for carrying out the bureaucratic procedures for the customer and uploading them to the dedicated platform, from which the details of the request, other benefits but also availability funds may be monitored.

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