Campania, posters from the Region against the Meloni government on health. We, consumers: “They write lies, alarming the population”

“The Meloni government closes emergency rooms: no doctor, no decision to increase nursing staff. Still limited numbers in medicine, still spending limits for staff and individuals.” This is what we read in a manifesto from the Campania Region, which aroused the anger of lawyer Angelo Pisani, president from “Is there a serious danger underway or is it political propaganda? Who has destroyed health care in Campania, which is the exclusive responsibility of the Region?” asks Pisani And once again, we wonder: “With what money were all these posters paid for, this political propaganda aimed, among other things, at inciting depression and anxiety, in addition to being seriously harmful and dangerous , especially because of the fear it arouses among citizens. who are already weak or sick people who, by reading those written in large letters, also lose all hope for their health?

“Public money”

“The Campania Region, which legally holds the powers and responsibilities in matters of public health, is waging a political battle, perhaps to exert pressure and obtain more funding,” adds Pisani. According to him, it is essential “that the competent authorities evaluate and verify each responsibility in terms of protecting citizens' rights and, above all, that the prosecution of the Court of Auditors controls the way in which citizens' money is used and spent” .

“Politically indecent”

He concludes by describing the poster campaign as “politically indecent, a shame for the skin of citizens”. I see these posters myself and I lose confidence. Among other things, it is also an invitation to turn to private centers, intended for poor people who have to go into debt or find themselves in the hands of loan sharks to seek treatment, because they read that there is no There is no hope in the public. .”. Finally, he asks “the Prefecture and the courts to immediately seize the advertising panels which broadcast false news and totally misleading ideas in relation to an unfortunately already tragic situation, such as that of the health system, in which the region itself has exclusive jurisdiction.”

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