Bruna, the transgender woman beaten in Milan: a police officer sentenced to 10 months in prison with a shortened sentence

Ten months with an abbreviated procedure for “aggravated injuries”. This is the sentence given to a local police officer who, in May 2023, kicked and beat Bruna, the 43-year-old woman, during a check in the Bocconi district of Milan. This was decided by Milanese magistrate Patrizia Nobile, accepting the request of prosecutor Giancarla Serafini. The other two police officers, on the other hand, were brought to trial for “injuries and forgery”, and the 43-year-old woman herself, accused of injuries, resisting a public official, refusing to reveal her identity and receiving stolen goods. While as many officers, he writes The Republicaccused only of forgery for the report drawn up on the intervention, were acquitted “because the fact does not constitute a crime”. The trial will begin on November 14 before the judges of the ninth criminal section of the Lombard capital. “I didn't think they would believe me. I just want justice,” the woman told the newspaper.

The aggression

It was the Milan prosecutor's office that requested the trial of the five police officers on 16 January. More than a year ago, the officers said they had arrived on the scene to help a colleague who had asked for help from the operations centre to deal with a “harassing” person, namely Bruna. According to their account, the woman “showed herself naked in the presence of women and children and urinated in front of everyone” and – after being accompanied by car to be taken to the barracks – she violently hit the windows of the car “injuring her head which was bleeding.” But that's not all. According to the police officers' reconstruction, he also feigned illness during the journey to the local police headquarters, with the sole aim of trying to find an emergency exit. The dynamics of the events were described as “false” because they were “refuted by subsequent investigative activities”.

The reconstruction of the investigators

The investigation, which ended on October 3, confirmed that Bruna had been struck with batons, including on the head. On that occasion, the officers also immobilized her with the pepper spray provided, while she was in a position to surrender. A few moments later, a second officer pinned her shoulders against a nearby fence. At that point, the third officer allegedly struck her first on the head with the distancing stick, then on the left side.

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