brands rev up their engines for the big match with the launch of the first advertising spots

Two teams will compete February 11, 2024 for the super bowl. And advertisers are already lining up big stars and investing big bucks to buy a spot on football's biggest day, whoever the player is.

Last year, around 200 million people watched for the event. That explains why advertisers have already cleared all of their game-day inventory, essentially running out of spots a few weeks before the game, he reported. Advertising weekquoting a Paramount spokesperson.

In recent years, advertisers have spoiled the suspense by launching Super Bowl commercials before the big game. Experts say the strategy is to get people talking about a brand's pre-match ad to generate some interest online, rather than risk being overshadowed by a more viral ad on the day of match.

Super Bowl commercials cost millions to produce and air, with CBS charging advertisers more than $7 million for a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl.

However, most previews are teaser content, setting up storylines or hinting at the celebrities who will star in their primetime commercials. Fans will have to wait for the full version to be released during the February 11 match, which will take place atAllegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lionel Messi made his Super Bowl debut in a beer commercial. The star of “Wednesday” Jenna Ortega in the commercial, he really wants tortillas, but the grocery store shelves are empty. Chris Pratt instead, he is the protagonist of the advertisement for a brand of chips.

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