Brad Pitt's daughter also renounces her father's last name, Vivienne's decision in war with ex Angelina Jolie

After Maddox and Zahara, it is now Vivienne, Brad Pitt's third daughter, who has decided to distance herself from her father by rejecting the latter's last name. Protagonist of renowned films such as Fight club And Inglourious Basterdsthe 15-year-old girl decided to only use her mother's name on the musical's poster The foreigners, made with his mother Angelina Jolie. It is unclear whether the change has been made officially and spokespeople for both parents preferred not to make any statements on the subject. Even if Vivienne has not yet revealed herself, it seems clear that this is part of the open war between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. In recent years, her brother Maddox – the adopted son of the two stars – had accused his father of being a “horrible person”, going so far as to testify against him in the domestic violence trial initiated by Jolie. Recently, the actor also gave up joint custody of his children. It therefore seems clear that Vivienne's choice is part of a particularly tense family climate which has persisted for years. Last April, actress Jolie accused her ex-husband of having mistreated her well before 2016, the year of the famous episode on the flight to Los Angeles in which Pitt allegedly grabbed her by the head and then also attacked her. their children. An event which then pushed her to file for divorce.

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