Today, Il Fatto Quotidiano reports the case of an AS Roma employee fired for “environmental incompatibility”, when in reality a young footballer allegedly stole a video from her smartphone in which she was intimate with her boyfriend , also an employee of the company. Images which would have gone around the Giallorossi club. Corriere dello Sport adds a few more details. In November, Roma, at the request of general manager Tiago Pinto and youth academy director Gianluca Gombar, fired the girl and her partner, who was her manager at the workplace. However, the motivation is not only the video broadcast, which would be incompatible with an employee working in contact with minor athletes. Inside the video – reports the newspaper – there are conversations that would violate professional ethics. The woman, assisted by lawyer Francesco Bronzini, plans to file a criminal complaint and will seek compensation from the young player, who admitted his responsibilities to certain club leaders during a meeting, in tears. The former employee's lawyer accuses the company of failing to protect the customer against illegal behavior. Even though the young man has not yet been suspended, he is in fact about to make his Serie A debut. The football club could officially clarify the incident today.

Like the Roma and the many causes that weigh on the budget

The former employee's case risks becoming dangerous for the company. Because you could be charged with administrative and civil risk for a flagrant violation of the law on the processing of personal data. The fine in such serious cases ranges from 2 to 4 percent of the company's turnover. In addition to labor disputes and damages for the two illegally dismissed employees. And this would not be the first problem that the Giallorossi club has encountered with its employees. In the last known consolidated financial statements of AS Roma, those as of June 30, 2023, approved on October 27, the company reported ongoing litigation: “As of the date of the report, approximately 15 cases are ongoing in which claims against AS Roma Roma Group, for a total claim of approximately €15 million, mainly attributable to claims for compensation or reimbursement of expenses, breaches of contract and claims for compensation for damage. In the opinion of the Company, also in light of previous experience in procedures similar to those currently underway, the risk of loss is low and/or not significant.

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