Annalisa will be the godmother of Roma Pride 2024 and will be present at the Grand Parade on Saturday June 15. His Sanremo hit “Sincerely” will be the anthem of the event which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

“I am honored to be able to make my contribution on this important day. Celebrating 30 years of Roma Pride together will be a special and above all unique opportunity to once again draw attention to the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community and each – said Annalisa It will be a great celebration in honor of the freedom to be, a central concept for me in songs and in life, for a society that can be described as civil. So thank you very much for this invitation. which excites me and fills me with pride like few things in the world.

“We are sure and certain – he declares Mario Colamarinospokesperson for Roma Pride – that his contribution and civic commitment to equal rights brings important added value to the event by helping to convey the message that a civilized and democratic country can no longer tolerate discrimination and denial and must move forward on the path to full equality and freedom for all.”

It's a golden moment for Annalisa who, after finishing third at the Sanremo festival, conquered America where she was chosen for the “Global Force” award at Billboard Women in Music, the annual event dedicated to women the most influential in the world of music. industry.

His music is now preparing to invade France where the hit “Sincerely”, which has just gone double platinum, was released in an Italian-French version with Olivia Stone and on Friday March 28 as a remix by Bob Sinclar.

With three singles in the Top 100 and five in the Top 200, as well as in the official Fimi/Gfk singles chart, Annalisa is the most streamed female artist on Spotify and the first woman to enter the global Billboard top 100 American. April will return to the arena stages for the Tutti nel vortice Palasport which will touch the main Italian cities with already sold out concerts in Florence, Milan, Bari, Naples, Rome and Padua, while in May it will be for the first time at the Arena from Verona with two appointments on May 14 (full) and May 20. The singer-songwriter's live performances also continue this summer with “Tutti nel vortex outdoor”, a series of concerts at prestigious festivals.

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