an art with ancient roots that involves the redemption of women

Strips of fabric up to 9 meters long, fine fabrics in bright colors, rich patterns decorated with gold and silver threads, precious ornaments. These are the ingredients of an evening which celebrated the magic of India in Rome through one of its most important expressions: fashion.

On June 17, on the occasion of Rome India Forum Fashion Show 2024, Indian fashion designers, coming from various regions of India and guardians of various traditions, they exhibited, for the first time in Italy, their creations with the aim of making their fashion known and promoting their know-how. The event, organized as part of the first edition of'India Forum, was opportunity for a delegation of Indian entrepreneurs to meet their Italian colleagues active in the fashion field and beyond.

A fashion idea, the one presented in Rome by Indian designers, who knew how to combine manufacturing, creativity and environmental sustainability. An example of ancient art revisited and updated which increasingly becomes the key to redemption and symbol of the struggle for freedom and independence of women.

Indian fashion shows in Rome Marco Cavarischi

Indian fashion shows in Rome

India is an epicenter of artisanal manufacturingwith a wide range of different fabrics, prints and dyeing and weaving techniques for over thirty regional varieties of sarees, traditional women's clothing.

Each region of India has indeed developed its own interpretation, with refined fabrics like Banarasi silk, Khadi cotton and delicate muslin. Patterns, prints and construction vary from location to location, embodying the cultural diversity that spans across the country.

Each of the designers, according to their origin and inherited ancestral traditions, brought their vision of Indian fashion to the stage.

Selina Samal proposed his clothes entirely embroidered by hand on clamshell looms, created with the method ikatone of the oldest textile coloring techniques in the world.

She Kantha is at the forefront of rediscovery and renewal Traditional Handmade Kantha Embroidery | from rural Bengal. With her pioneering vision of transforming the simple running stitch into an expression of art and culture, she went from running a small band of 10 artisans in a “family” of more than a thousand women working across Bengal.

Indian fashion shows in Rome Marco Cavarischi

Indian fashion shows in Rome

The saris of Kalarkriti of Parome they are made from fine fabrics, such as Bengal tussar and silk, directly woven by hand. After decoration, the sarees go through a manual process of steaming and hammering (kudi), this phase is also done strictly by hand, to bring out the luster and vibrancy of Indian fabrics.

In the brand Bank style meets durability. The clothes of this brand are handmade, combining elegance and ecological awareness. Sustainable fabrics like linen, silk and cotton in earth tones take on color through vegetable dyes, with the application of holes and decorations inspired by the world of nature.

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