Professor Alessandro Orsini was sued by the Jewish community of Rome along with leader Rubio for his tweets about Israel and Hamas. In the complaint filed in Piazzale Clodio, the two men are accused of defamation and “multiple and repeated conduct including the crimes of propaganda and incitement to crime for reasons of racial, ethnic and religious discrimination”. The community's legal representative, Victor Fadlun, accompanied by lawyer Roberto De Vita, also asked the postal police to remove the content from Facebook, X and YouTube. And close their profiles. The teacher asks today in an article published on daily event to withdraw the complaint. Certainly, he is not “the least bit frightened” by this legal action.

“I am against anti-Semitism”

Orsini claims to have devoted his life “to fighting anti-Semitism and all forms of racism”. And he adds that the fact that he is not afraid is proven “by my decision to republish on X all the messages for which I was prosecuted”. But he still asks for the complaint to be withdrawn. Propose in exchange “to organize a debate, possibly at the university, with the people who sued me to dialogue with them. To try to find a meeting point. The rules of the debate, the place and the moderator would be decided by mutual agreement.” The reasons for this request, explains Orsini, are three in number. The first is reconciliation. “As I wrote in one of my articles on X in an unsuspecting age, I would even defend Netanyahu if he were invited to speak at Italian universities,” he explains.

The three reasons

The second reason, says the professor, is “the promotion of democratic dialogue between opposing parties”. The third is to “take this first step to organize in the future a meeting between pro-Palestinian students and pro-Israeli students to replace the clashes in the streets with a meeting at the university.” Will he succeed?

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