Albert Sabin had not given up on polio vaccines

Several Facebook shares mention a clip on the theme of vaccines and what Albert Sabin allegedly said about polio vaccinations. The latter, according to the proposed narrative, “repudiated vaccines” during a press conference. We explain in this article why this claim is unfounded.

For those in a hurry:

  • The stocks in question report that Albert Sabin has repudiated polio vaccines.
  • We also talk about the “myth of anti-polio vaccination developed by Albert Sabin”.
  • Sabin considered his vaccine a gift to children around the world.


Here is how the narrative is told in the actions in question on Albert Sabin and the polio vaccine:

Dr. Franco Giovannini debunks the myth of polio vaccination developed by Albert Sabin: “The scientific evidence proclaimed is consistent with the gospel of Big Pharma. Sabin himself, during a conference, had repudiated vaccines”
Aside from the acrobats of the System and various gatekeepers, whose vision we will spare you, the facts that Dr. Giovannini puts on the table are sufficient and more than sufficient to dismantle the entire narrative of “scientific evidence”, supported by science with the final acca and by the regime's media.
Vaccines are dead.

Albert Sabin, infectious diseases and vaccines

So we come to Albert Sabin and the alleged repudiation of his polio vaccine. It is well known that the scientist at most refused to patent his vaccine. When asked why in an interview he replied: “A lot of people insisted that I patent the vaccine, but I didn't want to do it. This is my gift to all the children of the world.” It does not appear to be a “repudiation.”

The history of polio vaccines is more complex than that, there is not only the oral history of Sabini, but also that of Jonas Salk. Mariano Martini and Davide Orsini published in 2022 in the scientific journal Vaccines an essay on the history of the fight against polio and how, after the alarm launched in 1988 by the WHO, we managed to eradicate this disease from Africa in 2020:

“The path has not been easy – explain Martini and Orsini -, but according to the WHO, a great effort must be made to facilitate access to vaccination and promote its implementation in countries where vaccination coverage is low. low and where vaccine hesitancy is high, as the risk of polio spread remains high. The eradication of the virus in Africa offers us an excellent opportunity to remember the many scientists who contributed to achieving this historic goal: first of all Jonas Salk, who developed an inactivated virus vaccine in 1952, and especially Albert Sabin, who launched mass vaccination programs with its oral polio vaccine in 1961.

Is Albert Sabin's vaccine or Jonas Salk's vaccine better? it depends on the context

You can also find our previous article concerning a renewed threat of polio in Afghanistan, following the return of the Taliban:

“The Taliban are threatening all vaccinations – we reported –,” the Organization’s spokesperson, Tarik Jasarevic, recently declared during a briefing at the United Nations. For several years, the Afghan government had already encountered difficulties in carrying out vaccination plans in areas controlled by the Taliban, present especially in the southern regions since 2018. The situation worsened further inApril 2019, […]. As we have explained in previous articles, if a polio vaccination campaign does not reach a certain quota of vaccinated children, those who were unable to be vaccinated will run the risk of also being affected. long term by the attenuated virus. of the vaccine. It is much less dangerous than the wild virus (we counted them 56 cases in 2020), but on a part of three million children remained sensitive, 2020 the attenuated virus (Sabin vaccine) led – due to the Taliban – to an explosion in cases, with 300 paralyzed children. In countries where polio has now been eradicated, the Salk vaccine, based on an inactivated virus, is used. In a country where polio is still endemic, its effectiveness would be too low. Where the disease is eradicated, it presents an inverse benefit-risk ratio compared to Sabin's vaccine. »

To recap (forgive us if we oversimplify): in a region of the world where polio is still endemic, Salk's vaccine would be less effective, while Sabin's oral vaccine would have a significantly better benefit/risk ratio. Conversely, where the disease has been cornered, the Salk vaccine offers greater benefits and reduced risks. If, however, a change in diet reestablishes the old No Vax superstitions, children are especially put in danger both by the naturally circulating virus and by the attenuated virus from the oral vaccine (although to a much lesser extent).


We have seen that Albert Sabin did not repudiate the polio vaccine and vaccines in general, but rather renounced patenting it, considering it a gift for all the children of the world. It is true that depending on the context, Jonas Salk's oral inactivated virus vaccine is preferred to his oral attenuated virus vaccine, for very specific reasons that we have summarized in the article.

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