One of the most touching and engaging moments, today in Piazza di Spagna, the meeting took place, on the theme of hatred and discrimination with experts from Oscad, the Observatory for Security against Discriminatory Acts, with two great champions from the Fiamme sports group Ora and Elisa Di Francisca.

The two men shared their stories and explained how sport was important, even during the most difficult times of their lives.

Elisa Di Francisca, born in Jesi in 1982, numerous gold medals at the Olympic Games but not only. A life of stooge, one could say, but which carries with it a history of violence and possession. He told the women: “Love one another, respect one another, and report them at the first sign.” »

Emmanuel Lambertini: born in Cento, in 1999. Wheelchair foil champion. He is also a musician and composer. A true force of nature.

He was born with a very rare vascular malformation in his right leg, which degenerated over the years. At 8 procedures, he underwent a transfemoral (above-the-knee) amputation of the limb.

He never gave up and lives his diversity in a sunny and smiling way.

Another important moment was the meeting on the new synthetic drugs: of Fentanyl, from the chemical opiate which claims victims every day in the United States and which is also beginning to alarm Italy to the date rape drug (up to 1,500 doses can be produced from a single bottle). What is most alarming is the ease with which these new substances can also be found on the Internet and easily reach our homes.

But this day was also an opportunity to discuss how today State Police also changed its means of motorizing cars 1943 to the new, more technological electric cars that patrol certain highways. But the curiosity of everyone who was on the square was attracted by the first car, which today we would call flying, but which in 1957 was named “panther”. A true automotive gem.

And finally the place was filled for the band's concert directed by maestro Maurizio Billi.

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