9 out of 10 high school graduates feel penalized

Entrance test or high school diploma? This is the dilemma that many of the 67,260 people must find a solution to this year. applicants for a place in medicine and surgery for the next academic year.

In fact, admission to the faculty takes place in “two stages”, which are located right around the Maturity exam: May 28 and July 30; in the middle will take place the first final exam, scheduled for June 19. A schedule which, for 9 out of 10 high school graduates who aspire to the white coat, will (negatively) affect the state exam and, in a certain way, discriminate against them.

The Skuola.net investigation

Showing this general feeling of agitation which animates girls and boys in the face of the two nominations is a survey on the Skuola.net portal, carried out by interviewing 1,000 graduates on the eve of the start of this fiery period. Thus, only 1 in 10 people think they can give the best of themselves in both the written and oral exams for the secondary school diploma and those for admission to medicine.

Nearly half (45%) showed difficulty in following preparation for the dual commitment at the same time; but that doesn't mean that he won't try to give his best in one case (medicine quizzes) and the other (maturity). More or less the same – another 45% – has already given up on one of the two goals, trying to focus on one goal and get the most out of the one left behind.

Perhaps a little surprisingly, in this case, priority is given to the state exam: 30%, in fact, are in favor of revising for the tests at the end of June-beginning of July, 15% are concentrating before all about quizzes. college classes in May and July (most will take both).

But, once again, few people want to consider themselves defeated despite everything. This is evidenced by the preparation times for academic exams. Suffice it to say that more than 4 in 10 people began to familiarize themselves with the test during the year 2023: 27% started the study practically at the end of last summer, 14% towards the end of December . And another 22% left in early 2024, starting in January. Only a little more than a third (37%) waited until spring to take the quizzes: perhaps for them, the mission could be truly impossible, or almost impossible.

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