Since Tuesday March 12, a sinkhole has paralyzed part of Italy. Documented by drone footage, the hole was caused by a landslide that extended over an area of ​​around 250 meters and disrupted rail connections between Bari and Rome for at least a month. The part of the road concerned is that located between Ariano Irpino (Avellino) and Benevento, causing significant inconvenience to traffic and public transport. The work needed to repair the sinkhole began with the removal of debris, but – reports the Corriere della Sera – will require around thirty days, during which the demolition and reconstruction of one of the ventilation shafts will take place, as well as the restoration of the damaged tunnel.

Problems for passengers

Travel has been seriously affected in the affected areas, particularly for high-speed train and intercity travel. Passengers faced cancellations and delays, as well as being unable to travel on the affected route. To alleviate inconvenience, the Italian rail network has organized replacement buses along the route between Foggia and Benevento, although warning that journey times could be significantly slowed due to road traffic. The other alternative offered to passengers was to cancel or reschedule their trip. However, this option is unlikely given that, especially during the Easter holidays, there are no more tickets available. Another option left to passengers is to travel on airline flights. Tickets, however, have skyrocketed given the end-of-year holidays looming on the horizon.

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