Jonathan Maldonato leaves prison: the investigating judge does not validate the arrest of the husband of the influencer Siu

Jonathan Maldonato, arrested for attempted murder of his wife, influencer Soukraina El Basri, 30, alias Siu, could be released from prison. This was decided by the investigating judge of Biella who, after a hearing lasting more than four hours, did not validate the arrest and ordered the release, with the obligation to sign, obligation to stay at home parents and ban on approaching the woman, who is still in the hospital. Siu was admitted to Novara hospital in serious condition and emerged from a medically induced coma just two days later. Maldonato had provided two versions to investigators. Previously, he claimed that his wife was injured in a domestic accident when she hit the corner of a piece of furniture. Then he said he found her in the kitchen covered in blood and with scissors in her hand, calling it a suicide attempt. The woman was then admitted to intensive care for a chest injury. During interrogation after being included in the suspect register, the 37-year-old said his wife scolded him for everything and that in recent weeks she had been very nervous, due to the death of her brother in Morocco and messages received from her ex-boyfriend. A new inspection is planned next Tuesday in the villa of Chiavazza, in the suburbs of Biella, by the legal team representing the influencer.

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